Hacking requirements


As of 7/29/2017, the board cannot mount on a Mac. You need Windows 7 or 10 to really use the board and tools. You can mount the board on Linux, but you will not be able to use Synergy.

Data Monitoring and Data Intelligence

  • Ethernet with Internet access
  • USB cable to power the board (you can power it from your laptop)
  • web browser to display dashboard


Restoring Factory Image

Building new binary

  • Synergy
  • USB cable

Replacing Bootloader

  • J-Link Software pack that contains J-Flash Lite
  • SEGGER J-Link JTAG debugger

The unit below came with the S3A7 IoT Fast Prototyping Kit. I heard that it normally costs $30 separately. The unit below works.

I went online and saw similar units on sale on eBay for $11 to $17. I do not know if any of the units on eBay work. If you have a unit that works, please post information.

Designing Your Own Board