Manufacturing and assembly

Manufacturing Your Own PCB Boards

Recommend Seeed Studio Fusion. You can use any manufacturer. Renesas used Seeed Studio for the S5D9 IoT Fast Prototyping Kit.

Read PCB Design for Manufacture by seeedstudio.

Submit your modified Gerber files to the Seeed PCB/PCBA site

Community member @Serdnleb reported this on a generic PCB order, NOT the S5D9 order. Your costs per board will likely be higher as you'll probably use more than 2 layers. This example is just to give you a feel for lowest costs based on a real-world community experience.

I've used Seeed Fusion service a few times in the past. They are especially good if you need several of the same board as they send 10 copies at very low price. The boards are very nice quality. I live in the UK and got the boards about a week after placing my order. If you need fast shipping you can go with DHL but is a bit more expensive.

My latest order from Seeed, to manufacture 10 pieces of 2−layer white PCB boards cost $4.9USD in total. This will cost $27USD in total to manufacture and ship to UK through DHL within 11 days.

June, 2017 @Serdnleb