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Can I stream indefinitely?

The THETA Z1 can power off the USB-C port and stream at the same time. Using USB 3.0 or better, the charge increases in our tests. The camera does get hot. Upgrade to the latest firmware. If possible, attach a small fan to your tripod and point it at the body of the THETA.

The V drains slowly. It will last about 8 hours. You may be able to bypass the battery, but this is not tested.

/dev/video0 freezes on x86

Change line 190 of gst_viewer.c.

if (strcmp(cmd_name, "gst_loopback") == 0)
    pipe_proc = "decodebin ! autovideoconvert ! "
        "video/x-raw,format=I420 ! identity drop-allocation=true !"
        "v4l2sink device=/dev/video0 qos=false sync=false";

The THETA is not appearing on /dev/video0

Install v4l2loopback.

How do I reduce the default 4K stream to 2K to improve AI processing?

If your AI processing is going to slowly, try to reduce resolution from 4K to 2K. You likely need to do this on Jetson Nano as 4K often hangs due to limited resources on Nano.

In gst_viewer.c, change line 248 from THETAUVC_MODE_UHD_2997 to THETAUVC_MODE_FHD_2997.

Refer to thetauvc.c#L55 for definition.

I can't use it on Xavier

Change to:

"nvv4l2decoder ! nv3dsink sync=false"